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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Top 5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Him 2014

Hi friends! This was very challenging as I always find it difficult to shop for men. I had to look around online for gifts that men would find useful or just enjoyable. This is going to be shorter than my Top 10 Stocking Stuffers For Her, for now anyway. I don't know why, but men are so much harder to shop for! (Coming from a woman LOL!) So I thought it'd be a great idea to take the time to find some little things to stuff in his stocking, in case any of you reading this need help as well! I may come back and add some more things on here soon!  

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer $19.95 - This is very affordable, with 10 built-in length settings with an exclusive locking feature. Skin-friendly trimmer with rounded tips and comb prevent skin irritation. 

Neff Beanies from $16 - This is something I didn't even have to give much thought about, my husband wears beanies almost religiously. Especially since we live in such a cold area. I think most guys like beanies, or at least have beanies for the winter. Neff is decent quality for a pretty affordable price. 

Star Wars Gingerbread Cookie Cutters $9.99 - I found these and just had to put them on this list. Because who doesn't like star wars? And who doesn't like cookies? There is a very slim chance that whosever stocking you're stuffing doesn't like cookies, and if this is going to be for a significant other, they'd just love it if you used these to bake cookies for them. :) (By the way, the cookies don't have to be gingerbread!)

Gift Card Puzzle Vault $4.99 - Okay, this is just awesome. If you are giving a gift card, you can put it in this little puzzle and the puzzle has to be solved before receiving the gift card. Such a neat idea, and so much fun! 

Boss Hog's Bacon Buttercrunch Toffee $9.95 - I've never hopped on the bacon addiction bandwagon, but it seems like most everybody else has. There's probably a pretty good chance that whoever you're browsing gifts for, they like bacon anything and everything. This seems like a pretty interesting and rare treat that most might enjoy trying. 

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